The Best Cat Self Groomers & Buying Guide

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Cats love to look their best, and as you’ve probably have realized, it doesn’t come without effort. It sometimes seems that they spend nearly every minute of their waking hours grooming themselves. And sometimes they still need a little help from you and a brush. If you want to help your kitty continue to look good but want to save them and yourself some time, look into getting one of the best cat self-groomers to boost their grooming routine.

Best Overall Self Groomer: Petstages Scratch and Groom

Petstages Scratch & Groom Corrugated Cat Scratch Pad With Catnip
Self-groomer and scratcher that helps reducing fur shedding and hairballs.
Scratch pad includes dried catnip to further entice your cats.

For a 2-in-1 product with a simple design, it’s hard to beat the Petstages Scratch and Groom. It features an arched brush mounted on a cardboard scratching pad. The brush provides the perfect location for your cat to self-groom or get a little self-massage. The cardboard flooring is perfect for working out those claws and their natural scratching behavior without sacrificing your carpet.

Another great thing about this product is how lightweight and easily mobile it is. It can blend into any décor and be moved throughout the house. Your kitty will like the do-it-yourself ability of this product. They can get a back scratch whenever they want! During those heavy shedding times of the year, you should find yourself wallowing in less and less cat hair as your cat can get rid of it at their leisure. 

The cardboard bottom is also infused with catnip to entice your kitty to use it.

Since the bottom scratch pad is made of cardboard, it will wear out. If your cat scratches especially hard with their claws, it may leave bits of cardboard pieces that can scatter around your house. If kitty is a vigorous clawer, they can end up moving or tipping the whole product over.


  • Inexpensive
  • Self-groomer and scratcher in one
  • Catnip infused to attract use


  • Will need to be replaced
  • May leave bits of cardboard around your house
  • Easily tipped over or moved

Best Combo Product: Happi N Pets Premium Cat Arch

Happi N Pets Premium Cat Arch Self Groomer Cat Massager
3-in-1 multipurpose designed cat grooming brush & massager.
Luxury cork surface and high end plush surrounding the scratching pad for extra comfort.

The Happi N Pets Premium Cat Arch is more than just a self-grooming brush. It also includes a cork scratching pad and a catnip-filled mouse toy mounted on a spring to keep your cat entertained. 

The self-grooming arch’s bristles are longer than previous versions of the product, making it ideal for cats of all hair lengths. The cork scratching pad base offers a different texture than most scratching pads for kitties with picky scratching tendencies, and the mouse toy provides mental and physical stimulation for when you can’t be there.

This product’s base is weighted and lined with plush fabric to make it attractive, comfortable, and sturdier. Cats can play, scratch, and groom all day with less chance of tipping it over or chasing it around the house. The longer bristles provide more grooming power to get through even thick or long hair. This can help to catch loose hairs and keep them from floating around your house.

A possible issue with this product is that the brushed arch is relatively small, making it difficult for cats to walk through it. While small cats and kittens may be fine, larger cats might avoid using it since they will have to crouch or crawl through to get the full effect.


  • Combo product featuring brush, scratching pad, and toy
  • Weighted bottom to prevent tipping over
  • Longer bristles to accommodate all hair types


  • Small arch
  • Some cats might not like cork for scratching

Best Self Grooming Vertical Brush: Amazon Basics Cat Scratching Post With Toy

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post with Toy
Durable, scratch-friendly design allows your pet to entertain themselves for hours on end, keeping their claws busy and their mind content.
Made of natural jute rope with a carpeted MDF wood base, for long-lasting quality and durability.

This product’s name implies that it only has a scratching post, but it also features a mounted vertical brush to aid your cat with self-grooming. Included on the base is a mounted vertical scratching post with a toy attached at the top, making this an all-in-one entertainment station for your kitty.

This product is durable, featuring a jute rope covered scratching post, carpeted base, and a stiff-bristled grooming brush that helps remove shed hair, prevent mats, and stimulate the skin through massage. Your kitty can rub or roll against the brush, reaching all groom-able parts of their body. 

This product works best with kittens or smaller cats. Since it is only about 21 inches tall, it might not be a favorite of those long-bodied types that like to get a full stretch when scratching. Taller cats may have trouble using the self-grooming brush since it will be difficult to reach the higher parts of their sides and back without laying down. This product can also be easily flipped over, especially if your cat is an aggressive scratcher or groomer.


  • Includes scratching post, toy, and vertical self-grooming brush
  • Durable materials
  • Helps to remove hair and stimulate the skin


  • Easily tipped over
  • Only for smaller cats

Most Versatile Product: IMISNO Cat Self Groomer With Cat Nip Pouch

IMISNO Cat Self Groomer with Catnip Pouch
Made of eco-friendly softer plastic, so it is safe and won't hurt your cat's skin and it easy to install on walls.
Can be used as an self-groomer or as a handheld brush.

For a wall-mounted self-groomer with plenty of versatility, look into the IMISNO Cat Self Groomer. Not only can you mount this brush on a corner or flat surface, but you can also use it as a hand-held brush to groom your kitty. Since this product comes in a four-pack, consider doing all of the above! There is also an inner compartment for putting catnip if your cat needs a little extra nudge to get used to this brush.

The IMISNO Cat Self Groomer can be easily mounted on walls or cabinets with screws or adhesive strips. If your cat prefers a flatter surface, it can even be mounted on the floor. The plastic bristles will help stimulate the skin while catching loose hair and preventing mats and tangles. Your kitty will love how this brush promotes their natural rubbing behavior, and they may appreciate the little catnip enticement.

Some kitties might find the bristles of this brush too hard, especially if they are aggressive groomers or rubbers. The nice part about this version is that your kitty can adjust the intensity they use if the bristles seem too stiff.


  • Can be mounted on flat or curved surfaces
  • Easily cleaned
  • Inner compartment for catnip


  • Bristles may be too stiff
  • Can cause damage to walls

Best Wall Mounted Product: TTSAM Cat Corner Self Groomer

TTSAM Cat Corner self Groomer
Made of upgraded version 3.0 softer ABS plastic base and softer plastic bristles, to ensure gentle massaging and grooming without painful remove fur or scratch the cat's skin.
Easy to install, disassemble, and to clean.

If you want to promote your cat’s natural tendencies to rub on things and get a little grooming at the same time, look at this wall mounted self-groomer. The TTSAM Cat Corner Self Groomer attaches around the corners of walls, cabinets, or even table legs to provide a surface for your cat to rub and self-massage while collecting hair and preventing tangles. 

This self-grooming brush is easily mounted using optional screws or adhesive strips. It can be mounted at any height to ensure that your cat is comfortable and wants to use it. 

The brush can also be removed for easy cleaning in soapy water. The soft plastic bristles won’t cause any damage to your cat yet are sturdy enough to massage and stimulate the skin while collecting loose hair and preventing mats.

Before buying this product, make sure that you have the proper surface for it. Since it wraps around for two-sided use, you’ll need a corner that sticks out rather than goes in. You’ll also want to make sure it won’t cause any damage if your cat is aggressive and pulls it off of the wall.


  • Versatile brush that promotes a natural cat behavior
  • Collects loose hair
  • Easily cleaned and assembled


  • May cause damage to the wall or cabinet
  • Cats may need some enticing or training to use it

Cat Self Groomer Buying Guide

A close-up of a brush and its bristles with the text, "Cat Self-Groomer Buying Guide" written on it.

Whether you’re looking at a self-groomer for your cat to reduce the amount of hair around your home or your kitty just wants a little stimulation, make sure you buy the best product by following some of these tips.

Why Does My Cat Need a Self-Groomer?

If cats are such professionals at keeping themselves clean and presentable, you may be wondering why they would need a self-groomer. The answer is, they don’t need one, but they might love having one around. Self-groomers consist of some version of a brush mounted to a platform or wall that allows your cat to rub against it at their leisure. It works to both help remove loose, shed hair and to massage and stimulate the skin. Frequent brushing also helps prevent tangles and mats and distribute natural skin oils for healthy softness and shine.

A cat’s tongue may be good at removing dirt and debris and preventing tangles, but a brush can really help get the job done. Brushing is essential for those cats that don’t groom as they should due to illness or age. While brushing your kitty is also a great way to bond and spend time with them, it’s often not feasible for us to be with them all day. A self-groomer is an excellent substitute for when you want your kitty to have the benefits of brushing but just don’t have the time.

How to Choose a Self-Groomer For Your Cat

As with all cat products, there is a wide variety of self-groomers out there. Choosing the best one for your cat’s needs requires knowing your cat’s preferences and natural behaviors.

  1. Arch Style Self-Groomers: For those kitties that love to rub against your leg or crawl under blankets, an arch type brush may be best. These self-groomers features a firm bristled brush mounted in an arch over a base that often doubles as a scratching pad or play area. This brush allows your kitty to walk or crawl through, getting the full effect of a nice back rub or massage while collecting loose hair, combing through mats, and spreading skin oils.
  2. Wall-Mounted Self-Groomers: Most wall-mounted self-grooming brushes are smaller and work best for cats that like to face or body rub along a vertical surface. They can be mounted at a comfortable height and promote a cat’s natural behavior for “head butting.” These brushes can also work well at collecting loose hair, massaging, and can be placed nearly anywhere without being another piece of cat furniture that’s in the way.
  3. Vertical Brush Self-Groomers: Another style of self-groomer is a vertically mounted brush or post. These are often found on a platform and allow your cat the same benefits of being able to headbutt, walk by, or roll along on their belly to reach the brush’s bristles. 
  4. Combo Products: If you’re short on space or don’t want another cat product in your home, look into a combo self-groomer. These can have the self-grooming brush, in the form of an arch or vertical brush, with an attached scratching post or pad, toy, hammock, or bed. They are often carpeted, weighted, and durable to make them safe and comfortable.

How Do I Train My Cat to Use a Self-Groomer?

Most kitties will take to a self-groomer instinctively. They have the urge to rub against things, especially if they get a pleasing massage in return. But some cats may have a harder time coming around. For those that are more difficult to convince, try these tips:

  1. Allow for Exploration: Cats are curious by nature, and most will willingly come to inspect a new piece of equipment. Leave the new self-groomer out where they can see it and use it without any pressure or observation.
  2. Add in Some Play: Don’t hesitate to play with your cat and the self-groomer. Show them that it isn’t scary and is something they can enjoy.
  3. Demonstrate: If your kitty just doesn’t understand, show them how it works. Help them to rub against it or brush them near the product. Once your cat is comfortable with this, brush them against the groomer gently.
  4. Catnip: If all else fails, rub some catnip on it. Catnip is a natural cat attractant and can be used on just about any cat product to make it more enticing. If your self-groomer doesn’t feature a catnip compartment, you can rub some on the bristles or base to get your cat interested.

Final Thoughts

Self-groomers for cats can be great products that help promote the health of your cat’s skin and haircoat. They can replace you having to brush them when you can’t be there. Self-groomers can also provide your cat with entertainment and independence, especially if grooming has become difficult for them to do themselves. Choosing the right self-groomer for your cat will depend on their natural habits, your available space, and if you want any additional bells and whistles. 

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