The Best Cat Diapers & How-To Guide

A gray cat lying down on a tan-ish colored shaggy couch. The cat is wearing a blue diaper and black collar.

While buying diapers for your cat probably wasn’t something you thought about when you first picked out a cute little kitten, it may be something you need now. That’s because cat diapers help with many messy issues that you might not have realized until now. This guide will show you which cat diapers are best and how to use them.

1. Best Reusable Product: Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers
Innovative leak-proof & waterproof exterior shell + the interior absorbent pad keeps your carpet, couch, and home clean.
Durable and ready to take the abuse of daily wear, accidents, play, and will hold up through numerous washes.
Adjustable velcro system allows for a wide range of sizes & providing ease and comfort.

While the name of this product contains the word “dog,” an extra small or small size of these reusable diapers from Pet Parents can be used for cats. The extra small size covers a 4-10″ waist circumference with an adjustable Velcro closure to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. The fabric is also soft and quiet, with no crinkly noises or bunching up issues to worry about.

Pet Parents Washable diapers are made with an absorbable inner layer, wrapped in a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaks and messes. It is easily rinsed and washed for quick reuse. If you don’t mind a little extra laundry and don’t want to fill landfills with unbiodegradable diapers, then the Pet Parents Washable diapers are a good choice for your cat. They also come in a variety of colors to customize your cat’s “look.”

If you have a squeamish side, reusable cat diapers might not be for you. They do have to be rinsed before tossing them in the washer for best results. So, while you shouldn’t need to get your hands dirty, you are going to get a little more up close and personal with pee and poop than you would with disposable cat diapers. Also, be sure to measure your cat before ordering to make sure you get the right size to prevent leaks and messes.


  • Reusable
  • Absorbent
  • Very adjustable


  • You will have to rinse and wash them
  • Make sure you have the proper size

2. Best Disposable Product: Planet Urine Disposable Cat Diapers

Planet Urine Disposable Dog Diapers and Cat Diapers
Innovative leak-proof & waterproof exterior shell + the interior absorbent pad keeps your carpet, couch, and home clean.
Non-sticky, adjustable fasteners hold strong without pulling any hair or causing discomfort.
Comfortable and absorbent.

If rinsing and washing cat diapers aren’t your thing, a good disposable diaper may be in order. The Planet Urine Disposable Cat Diaper is highly absorbent, adjustable, and made to fit snuggly to prevent leaks and messes of all kinds. There are various sizes to fit any kitty, big or small. 

These cat diapers also feature “magic tape” fasteners to further customize the fit without sticking to fur or leaving a messy residue.

Planet Urine diapers have elastic leg bands to fit snuggly around legs to prevent leaks. However, this elastic won’t cut off circulation or be uncomfortable for your cat. Most cat parents say their cats got used to these diapers quickly and worn them like they were wearing nothing at all.

Make sure to measure your cat before buying Planet Urine Disposable Cat Diapers, as they can easily slide off if they aren’t the correct size. Also, we know that some cats are tricky and will wiggle their way out of this diaper, whether it’s perfectly sized or not. Also, they are made from material similar to disposable diapers meant for human babies, so they may be crinkly or noisier than washable cat diapers.


  • No rinsing or washing
  • Adjustable fit
  • Elastic leg bands to prevent leaks


  • Not eco-friendly
  • Some cats may slip out of them
  • Noisier than washable diapers

3. Best Human Diapers for Cats: Huggies Special Delivery

Huggies hypoallergenic Baby Diapers
No Harsh Ingredients – Fragrance free, paraben free, lotion free and free of elemental chlorine bleach.
Hypoallergenic & dermatologically tested.
Softest plant based diaper from Huggies.

Since there aren’t many cat-specific diapers out there, you may want to look into the human side of things. Diapers meant for human babies may fit your cat, provided that you get the newborn or even premie sizes. Just be sure to take some measurements before buying to make sure they will fit your cat. Also, human diapers have a highly adjustable waistband that will help you get a snug and comfortable fit around your cat’s smaller waist.

Huggies Special Delivery diapers are plant-based and hypoallergenic, so they shouldn’t irritate your cat’s skin. They are also highly absorbent to help prevent leaks and messes and wick moisture away from their fur. Huggies Special Delivery diapers are breathable to help keep your cat from overheating. 

The nice part about using human diapers for your cat is that they are easy to buy and generally less expensive.

Since these are baby diapers, you will have to cut a tail hole in them or thread your cat’s tail out through a leg hole, if possible. They are designed for baby legs, so there may be some gaps around your cat’s legs. 


  • Easy to find
  • Less expensive
  • Hypoallergenic


  • No tail hole
  • Might not fit quite right

4. Best Pants for Cats: SELMAI Reusable Sanitary Pants

SELMAI Reusable Washable Stars Small Dog Cat Diaper Sanitary Pants
Comfortable cotton material.
Cute five star pattern design.

Maybe a cat diaper isn’t quite what you’re looking for. If that’s the case, sanitary pants may be more your style. Sanitary pants offer some absorbability but with a sleeker profile and a more underwear-like fit. These sanitary pants from SELMAI are washable and reusable so that they are eco-friendly.

If your cat doesn’t like the bulkiness of a diaper, sanitary pants may be more comfortable. They offer some protection without being restrictive. These sanitary pants from SELMAI also feature a drawstring waistband to help adjust the fit on your cat. 

Sanitary pants aren’t as absorbable as diapers, so don’t expect them to perform in the same way. They are more for the occasional or minor accidents. They also aren’t as adjustable as diapers, so measuring your cat before purchasing will help ensure that you get a more accurate size.


  • More comfortable than diapers
  • Sleeker design
  • Reusable


  • Are not as absorbable
  • Are not as adjustable

How to Get Your Cat to Wear a Diaper

A gray and light brown cat with black stripes is lying down on a table, wearing a diaper and one of his legs shaved due to an injury.

Believe it or not, most cats aren’t going to jump into a cat diaper willingly. They will more than likely take some convincing. Your best bet is to go about it slowly and in steps that they are comfortable with.

  • Step 1:  Ensure that you have the right size and type of diaper by measuring your cat. 
  • Step 2:  Let your cat sniff, play with, or get used to the diaper. Leave it out for them to mess around with (but not destroy!) until they are comfortable with it.
  • Step 3:  Try it on. Go slowly and make sure your cat isn’t distressed. Put the diaper on and leave it on for a few minutes if they’re accepting. Remove it immediately if they don’t like it. Repeat until your cat is comfortable with the process. Offer lots of praise and pets if they’re accepting.
  • Step 4:  Leave it on. Allow your cat to wear the diaper while on the move. Let them run, play, or eat as they would normally with lots of reassurance and praise.
  • Step 5:  Change the diaper often as needed to decrease the chance for leaks, smells, and making your kitty uncomfortable.

The Best Cat Diapers Buying Guide

A stack of white diapers with a small cat plush toy in the front. The background is solid white.

If you’ve stumbled upon this article by accident, you may be wondering just who needs diapers for their cat anyway? You may be surprised to learn that cats may need to wear a diaper for several reasons. This guide will teach you everything you’ll need to know about getting your cat set up with some diapers.

Why Do Cats Need to Wear Diapers?

Even though cats tend to be very meticulous and clean animals, there may be times that they may need a little help. A cat diaper can help keep them and your house clean and keep them out of solitary confinement. Here are some of the reasons why your cat may need a diaper:

  • Incontinence: Urinary and fecal incontinence in cats can occur for a variety of reasons. Old age, injuries, or congenital deformities can interfere with a cat’s ability to control their urine or bowel movements. Rather than keeping your kitty locked up in an easily cleaned room, cat diapers can help to keep them and your home clean.
  • Recovery:  If your kitty is recovering from an illness or surgery, they may be temporarily incontinent. This can be due to a decreased function of their legs or their urinary tract or digestive system. Whatever the case, cat diapers can help take care of them while they recover.
  • Spraying:  Urine marking or spraying is a normal, yet unwanted behavior. Spraying lets other cats know the boundaries of their territory and becomes more prominent during times of stress. We all know that cat urine packs a pungent smell that tends to linger and that is hard to get out of upholstery and rugs, so rather than cleaning up urine marking messes, you can prevent them using a cat diaper.
  • Cats in Heat:  If you have a female cat that isn’t spayed, their normal estrous cycle can cause a bit of a mess. Kitties in heat may drip blood or urinate excessively, both of which can be unwelcome in your home. 

How to Choose the Best Cat Diaper

Whether your kitty has some temporary or permanent issues that require a cat diaper, choosing the right one can still be a struggle. That’s why it’s important to know what options are out there for you and to understand your cat’s needs. Here are things to consider when choosing the perfect product for your cat.

Types of Cat Diapers

Cat diapers fall into two main categories: reusable and disposable. Reusable diapers are made from fabric that has an absorbent liner sewn in. These diapers can be rinsed, washed, and reused. They generally cost more per diaper but should cost you less in the long run since it is a one-time purchase. They will be more labor-intensive since they will require rinsing and washing in between each use. However, they are more eco-friendly since most disposable diapers aren’t biodegradable.

Disposable diapers are made to be thrown away once they are wet or dirty. They can’t be washed or reused. They are usually cheaper per diaper but will require multiple purchases throughout a cat’s lifetime or condition. They tend not to be biodegradable.

Cat diapers can also be classified based on use. Some diapers are thicker and more absorbent for heavy use, while sanitary pants are more like underwear, so they are thinner and more for light use.

There are always human diapers. Human diapers can work well for a cat if you get the right size, especially in a pinch. They don’t have a designated tail hole, so you will either have to cut one or put your cat’s tail out through the leg hole. Human diapers have the advantage in that they are easy to get and generally less expensive than cat diapers, but they may not fit as well.

Sizes of Cat Diapers

Cats don’t vary in size as widely as dogs do, but there will still be some variation in which diaper size to get. Most cat diapers will give you a waist circumference range for the best fit. Most cat diapers have Velcro or “magic tape” closures that help you adjust the fit even further so that your cat can’t slip out of it.

Comfort of Cat Diapers

With different fabrics and thicknesses, cat diapers are going to vary in their comfort levels. Some cats will not like the bulkiness that thick diapers have, while others may need that thickness for their absorptive capacity. Other cats might not like the noisiness of disposable materials and would prefer the softness of washable fabric diapers. This is all going to depend on your cat’s preference and the diapers’ ability to meet your needs.

Along with fabric type and bulkiness, the comfort of a cat’s diaper depends on the “extras.” Some diapers may try to use adhesive tape as a closure. As we all know, adhesives and cat fur don’t mix, so it’s best to steer clear of these diapers. Instead, look for diapers that use Velcro or non-adhesive tape for closures. Some sanitary pants use drawstrings, which allow for high adjustability without sticking to your cat’s fur.

Price and Availability

When your cat needs a diaper, they generally need it now! With this in mind, make sure to choose a type of cat diaper that you can easily get your hands on. If you go with reusables, make sure you have enough to cover your cat during laundry day and so that you won’t be washing diapers daily.

Also, make sure cat diapers are affordable. Some cats may require a diaper for the rest of their life. That can add up in some situations, so be sure you can financially keep your cat in diapers for as long as they need them.

How to Determine the Best Size of Cat Diaper

Most pet diapers on the market are geared towards dogs. While this isn’t a deal-breaker for cats, it may cause some issues with getting the perfect fit. To choose a diaper that will properly fit your cat, you will have to take some measurements.

The most common measurement for cat diapers is their waist circumference. This can be found by measuring the thinnest part of the waist. If you don’t have a flexible measuring tape, use a piece of string instead to go around the narrowest part of the waist and then measure the string with a ruler or measuring tape. 

Other diapers may give you a length measurement. This can be found by measuring from the narrowest part of the waist to the base of the tail. This length measurement will help ensure that a diaper isn’t too baggy. Some diapers may also give you a weight range to choose from. Get an accurate weight on your cat using a scale.

Final Thoughts

Instead of relegating your cat to a life of confinement in the bathroom, give them back their freedom by using a cat diaper. Whether their situation is temporary or long-term, cat diapers can help keep your cat and home clean and sanitary.

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