The Best Cat Beds for Different Types of Sleepers

A light tan kitten with black stripes sleeping on a white blanket using a red and white checkered mini pillow.
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Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort (or pickiness). So much so that you can rarely tell where or what they will like to sleep on. Sometimes our best-laid plans for a cat bed come up short; your cat just moves the bed out of the way and sleeps on the floor.

If choosing your cat’s bed has you frustrated, this guide will help. We’ll look at some of the best cat beds available for different types of cats. The buying guide section’s information and advice will help ensure that you find the right cat bed for your furry friend.

 1.  Best Overall – Meowfia Premium Cat Bed Cave

MEOWFIA Premium Cat Bed Cave (Large) - Eco Friendly 100% Merino Wool Beds for Cats and Kittens
A safe, comfortable, and eco-friendly cat bed that accommodate all sizes of felines from kittens to large cats.

This cat cave from Meowfia is made from 100% merino wool, which is soft, non-toxic, and easy to hand clean. The bed is made through a process called felting, in which the wool, water, and soap are worked by hand pressure to form a unique type of “fabric.” This material is thick enough to hold its shape yet is still soft and pliable. These qualities make this bed very versatile as it can be flattened down into a nice pad or stood up to create a hidey-hole spot for play or sleeping.

Cats may like this bed because it serves multiple purposes:

  • It provides privacy or protection.
  • It provides warmth when it’s cold and cooling when it’s hot.
  • It’s roomy enough for even large cats
  • It’s comfortable.

It comes in various colors and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or hand-washing in soap and water.

Being made of 100% wool means that this bed isn’t without a particular lanolin odor. This smell can often be decreased with some airing out, but some kitties might be extra sensitive to smelling like a sheep. Also, no machine washing allowed as it could shrink or distort the bed.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable and insulating in both warm and cold weather


  • Hand-wash only
  • May have a sheep-like smell that cats might not like


2.  Best Multipurpose Option – AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House With Bed

AmazonBasics Collapsible Cat House with Bed
A great choice for those who want versatility and easy storage.

Cats can choose to rest or sleep on the top for more freedom, or in the bed when they want more privacy.

This is a bed and a playhouse in one. The cube shape of the Amazon Basics Collapsible Cat House allows cats to play or sleep inside or on top of the cube. The cutout holes can encourage your cat to play or provides a window for your cat to see out of. The entire cube is covered in soft suede with Sherpa mats for beds inside and on top. If you have multiple cats, they can both play or sleep in this bed at the same time. Or if you have just one cat that likes to have options, this bed will have you covered.

For easy storage or transportation, this cat house will collapse down flat. However, when assembled, it is sturdy enough to support the weight of a human. It comes in three different colors to accommodate any décor or taste.

This bed may come with a strong chemical smell, either from the fabric or the structural materials. That smell usually dissipates with some airing out. The plastic rings that line the circular cutouts may come off and get around your cat’s legs or neck. It may be in your best interest to either firmly secure those or remove them before giving this bed to your cat.


  • Has two different bed options
  • Works well for sleep or play
  • Folds down for easy storage


  • Strong chemical smell when first unpackaged
  • Your cat may be able to remove the plastic rings from the cutouts


3.  Best Colder Weather Option – Aspen Pet Self Heating Bed

Aspen Pet Self Warming Beds
Perfect for cats who want to warm-up in colder rooms.

The heat-reflecting technology reflects your cats body heat to provide warmth and comfort to your furry friend.

For cats that like to spend those cold winter days curled up in a tight ball, ready to sleep until spring, the Aspen Pet Self Heating Bed may be just what they need to be more comfortable. This bed features a Mylar layer, which space blankets are made of, to reflect your cat’s heat. The Mylar layer is covered by a soft faux lambswool surrounded in a durable corduroy to make this bed ultra-cozy, yet able to withstand use after use. There is also a non-slip coating on the bottom to keep this bed in place.

This bed comes in different shapes and sizes to suit your cat(s) specific needs. It is also lightweight to easily take it with you if needed for a comfier carrier experience.

This bed is not machine washable; rather, a gentle hand-washing will do less damage to the internal Mylar layer. It’s also not built to stand up to cats that like to dig or claw at their beds.


  • Self-warming for a cozier sleep
  • Non-slip to work well on wood, linoleum or tile floors


  • Hand-wash only
  • Cats may be able to shred the faux lambswool with their claws


4.  Best Perch Type – K & H Pet Products Kitty Sill

An excellent option for kitties who want to sleep at a higher elevation or likes to look out windows.

The soft orthopedic foam and washable faux-lambskin washable cover provides lots of comfort for your cat.

The sill can support cats up to 40 pounds.

Cats are curious and like to know what is going on in their world, inside and out. Providing them with a perch-type bed, like the K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill will allow them to lounge and doze all with a view of the great outdoors. This bed is made from orthopedic foam with a faux lambskin cover that can be removed for easy machine washing.

It is also sturdy enough to support 40 pounds and doesn’t take any tools to secure it to any 2″ window ledge. This Kitty Sill size allows for multiple cats at once or for one cat to sleep in a sprawled out position.

This cat bed installs to window sills using Velcro, which seems easy enough. However, there can be an issue with the security of the bed. There can be installation issues that can cause the bed to fall even after a couple of uses. Also, keep in mind that many consumers have reported that they received their product without the necessary attachment parts. This makes it just a basic, flat bed rather than a perch for your cat to see outside.


  • Allows your cat to enjoy the great outdoors from inside
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble


  • Sometimes arrives without the necessary attachment pieces
  • Can fall off of window sill if not assembled properly


5.  Best Blanket Option – Higher Comfort Super Soft Premium Pet Blankets

Higher Comfort Super Soft Premium Pet Blankets
If your cat only sleeps in one place in your home, laying out a nice, comfortable blanket might be your best option.

Was designed to protect the blanket from dirt, fur or hair.

Made from an anti-pill material which is both machine washable and dry-able while preserving its softness.

Blankets make a very versatile cat bed. Your cat can lay on them, under them, or curl around them. They are also easy to move from the floor to the furniture to the car. If you and your cat are into blankets, the Higher Comfort Super Soft Premium Pet Blanket may be worth trying. These blankets are made from faux mink, making them incredibly plush and snuggly.

They also are large, measuring 2 ½’ by nearly 3 ½’ so that they can be folded for extra comfort or draped over furniture to protect it from dirt and hair. Even though they are large, they are fairly lightweight, making machine washing easy. This fabric won’t shed or pill, so it can maintain its softness wash after wash. This product comes in four pastel colors.

Since this is a blanket instead of a structured bed, it may not provide as much comfort for kitties that like having a more confined space to sleep in. It also may be subject to being shredded by aggressive kneading or chewing.


  • Extra soft and plush
  • Easy to travel with
  • Versatile


  • No structural support
  • Can be damaged by claws


Best Cat Beds Buying GuideA green shelf in a pet store that has 3 levels. There are different types of cat beds and cat carriers on each level of the shelf.

Some of us have kitties that will sleep seemingly anywhere, the top of the refrigerator for example. Other cats tend to have rituals or habits they need to do before they enjoy a little shuteye. Whichever brand of cat you have, help make them more comfortable by knowing what to look for in a cat bed.


How Does Your Cat Sleep?A white cat with black patches is lying upside down on a white blanket, looking up.

Cats may sleep in a variety of positions, depending on their preference and the space they’re sleeping in. However, they often have a favorite way of sleeping that a good cat bed might accommodate.


1.  The Tight BallA multicolored (light brown, grey, black stripes) cat sleeping on a blue blanket. The cat is curled up into a ball with its face underneath one of its front legs.

This is when a kitty likes to curl up tightly into a little ball. They will often tuck their face under a paw or their tail for even more coziness. This position is often used when it is cooler, in more confined spaces, or for protection.

Choose a bed with higher sides and a circular shape to accommodate the tight ball sleepers. Don’t get a bed that is so big that your cat’s body doesn’t touch on all sides when they curl up in it. You want it to be a snug, yet comfortable fit.


2.  Sprawled OutA cute light brown, grey kitten with black stripes sleeping on its back, legs spread out. The photo is taken with the cat's head in focus and its body slightly out of focus.

Some cats prefer to sleep sprawled on their side or even their back. Their objective may be to take up as much room as possible or increase their surface area to soak up more sunlight or cool off.

These kitties will prefer a larger, flatter type bed, maybe even without sides. Look into a blanket or bolster style bed where they can stretch out comfortably. Some may prefer to use the sides of a larger bed as a pillow.


3.  Up HighA grey cat with black strips and light brown batches is sleeping on the top of a white radiator.

Some cats prefer to sleep up high to watch the world go by without being noticed. For them, the position that they sleep in doesn’t matter as much as the location.

You can look into multi-functional cat trees with hammocks, other places for a bed up high on one of the perches, or install a shelf at a safe height that allows plenty of room for a bed and way to get up to it.


4.  Hidey-HoleA yellow cat with white stripes sleeping in an enclosed wooden box, with only the front missing a panel, so we can see the cat sleeping in it.

Other kitties might like quiet darkness when they’re sleeping. They will seek out small, nearly enclosed spaces such as a cardboard box or behind furniture. Some may even go as far as sneaking behind the pillows on your couch.

Choose a bed that is enclosed on the sides and the top to satisfy these types of sleepers. Many options, such as teepees, cubes, or circular beds, will allow a cat to crawl in through a small hole and sleep hidden from the outside world.


Other Cat Bed Features to ConsiderA grey cat with black strips lying down on a brown cat bed. The cat is looking at something on the right side of the image.

Once you’ve picked your cat’s perfect bed based on size, shape, and comfort, it’s time to look into some other attributes that will make it more convenient.


1.  Washability

We all know that cat’s shed, and most of us welcome a little cat hair into our lives. But when it comes to cleaning that hair from their bed, most of us would prefer the washing machine. Depending on the material that a cat bed is made out of, it may only be hand-washable. Like wool, certain fabrics can’t withstand a washing machine, while cotton variations are easily laundered.


2.  Size

Even though your cat may prefer a king-sized version of a cat bed, sometimes our living arrangements simply won’t allow for it. Choose a suitable bed for the space you have available and seek out multifunctional furniture when applicable to save space. An example would be a cat tree with a bed or a cube that allows for sleeping or play.


3.  Movability

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a portable cat bed. This is especially handy for frequent travelers or when your cat needs a comforting item to take on a stressful trip. Keep in mind that a fancy hammock may be comfortable for kitty, but won’t pack well in a kennel.


4.  Durability

Some cat’s like to break their beds in with a little violent kneading. If your cat is one of these, you’ll want a bed that can withstand it. You may choose to go with a less plush and more durable fabric covering if your cat tends to be a little more destructive.

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