The 5 Best Kitten Teething Toys

A white cat curled up on its back holding and biting a grey toy.

Kittens love to bite, chew and kick as part of their play. It’s a natural process. But when a kitten starts teething, that biting and chewing gets turned up to 11. Help them through this growth stage, and save your fingers and toes by getting them one or some of the best kitten teething toys. Not only will these toys help keep them entertained, but they can also help soothe sore, painful gums for a happier, more playful kitten.

1. Best Overall: Petstages Dental Health Cat Toys Chew Wheel

Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys
Ring shape helps to clean teeth and exercise jaw muscles.
Infused with catnip to attract and keep your kitty energetically engaged during play.
As with any cat toy, it is not indestructible. Must supervise pets while in use.

The Petstages Dental Health Toy is made with a cat’s dental needs in mind. While they’re usually considered dental cleaning toys, they can still help reduce teething pain as well. This toy features a couple of different textures to satisfy your kitten’s chewing cravings. It has fabric streamers with knotted ends for a softer feel and a durable rubber ring for a firmer bite. The ring also features small rubber knobs that can massage sore gums while your kitten chews.

The rubber ring is made of a durable, food-grade rubber that is also infused with catnip as an extra incentive to get your kitten to use it if the variety of textures isn’t enough. This is a very affordable kitten teething toy, allowing you to give it a try without much of an investment.

As with all chew toys, no toy is indestructible. Even though the rubber ring is highly durable, it may not stand up to the tougher chewers, especially adult cats. Always supervise your kitten while using this teething toy and throw it away if it starts to break apart.


  • Inexpensive
  • Variety of textures for teething
  • Catnip infused


  • Fabric streamers can come untied
  • Can be chewed apart

2. Close Runner Up: Petstages Mint Stick

Petstages Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toys
Helps freshens your pet's breath and helps remove soft tartar from teeth.
Filled with 100% sweet smelling mint with no fillers.
As with any cat toy, it is not indestructible. Must supervise pets while in use.

Why not freshen your kitten’s breath while they chew and massage their sore teething gums? These mint sticks from Petstages are filled with real, dried mint that not only works to attract your kitten to the toy but also helps to freshen their breath as they chew. The mint can be reactivated by rolling the toy between your hands or on the floor.

The main part of the toy is a mint-filled tube that is covered with a netting wrap. This unique wrap works to massage gums and provides a textured surface for your cat to chew. Along with the mint-filled tube part, this teething toy also has crinkly leaves at each end as an added feature to entertain your kitten. This toy is also the perfect size to toss, chase, kick, and pack around.

As with any kitten toy, some kittens aren’t going to like it. Fortunately, this is a very affordable toy allowing you to give it a try and without being out much if your kitten doesn’t love it. Also, no kitten toys are indestructible, this one included, so always make sure to supervise your kitten when using it.


  • Dried mint helps freshen breath
  • Soft and comfortable for teething
  • Has crinkle leaves for extra entertainment


  • Kittens might not like it
  • Not indestructible, especially for older cats

3. Toy With The Most Variety: Leaps and Bounds Little Paws Teething Mouse Toy

Leaps & Bounds Little Paws Teething Mouse Kitten Toy with Catnip
Expertly designed for kittens seeking a safe surface to chew.
Textured mouse ears provide a safe surface to chew.
Oversized plush head doubles as a cuddle buddy or kicker toy.

If you’re looking to limit the number of toys your kitten has and want a few multitasking ones, the Leaps and Bounds Little Paws Teething Mouse toy is for you. This mouse has a variety of textures-bumpy, firm ears and a netting wrapped body for teething gums, a soft head for cuddling, and a perfect size for packing around or kicking.

A kitten is likely to play with many different toys throughout the day. This toy may meet all of your kitten’s playful needs without the need to purchase or keep track of multiple toys. It can work as a great teether by providing your kitten with a firm, bumpy surface to massage their gums and a uniquely textured net-wrapped surface that will provide a slightly different type of chewing surface.

While this toy is very versatile, it is on the larger side, making it less desirable for some smaller kittens. It may be a better choice if you have multiple little ones at the same time. The plastic ears may be a little too hard for some kittens, again smaller ones, to chew.


  • Variety of uses
  • Two different teething textures
  • Good for multiple kittens


  • May be too large for some kittens
  • Ears may be too hard

4. Best Soft Teething Toy: Ainolway Interactive Kitten Kicker Teething Toy

AINOLWAY Interactive Catnip Teething Chew Toys
Made of quality plush fabric, filled with PP cotton, non-toxic, safe to use.
Fine suture of this pet toy makes it durable for biting.
Helps reduce your pets' boredom and separation anxiety by killing time with the chew toy.

If you’d rather not worry about your kitten chewing and swallowing hard plastic or rubber, or if they seem to prefer something softer, the Ainolway Interactive Kitten Kicker Teething Toy set makes a great option. 

These teething toys come in a set of three different colored toys with a plush surface mixed with a cotton filling. They are soft enough for your kitten to sink their teeth into, yet durable enough to withstand teething and kicking. On top of that, they are non-toxic and infused with catnip to give them a little extra enticement. They are big enough to hug, cuddle, and kick, yet small enough for your little one to carry around.

Even though these are sewed with a heavy-duty thread, they can still come apart, especially when used by hard chewers. This means that they should not be given to your kitten except under supervision. These toys may not work for more aggressive adult cats as well.


  • Plush and softly chewable
  • Good size for carrying and cuddling
  • No firm plastic or rubber to chew and swallow


  • Can come unsewn
  • Some kittens aren’t attracted to them

5. Best Natural Teething Toy: WoLoverSilvervine Sticks

WoLover Cat Catnip Sticks Natural Matatabi Silvervine Sticks
100% natural wood from the silver vine (Matatabi) plant without additives or preservatives.
Teeth cleaning effect to improve dental health.

Silvervine plants contain cat attractants similar to catnip. Silvervine sticks are a natural plant that can also clean teeth and massage sore, teething gums while a kitten chews them. They are non-toxic and durable as well. These silvervine sticks are unprocessed and without preservatives, making them the ultimate natural teething toy.

Silvervine is a high potency cat attractant that can be increased by removing layers of the stick as your kitten uses it. This makes these teething toys long-lasting and durable. This product is also five-star guaranteed, meaning that if your kitten doesn’t love every stick, you can return them for a full refund or replacement.

This is a different sort of teething toy than most kitties are used to, so it may take a little convincing for them to try it. Even though silvervine is a natural cat attractant, it may not work for every kitten. You may need to encourage your kitten to play with it.


  • All-natural
  • Contains cat attractant to encourage use
  • Durable to stand up to teething


  • Some kittens might not like them
  • Kittens may need encouragement to use it

Best Kitten Teething Toy Buying Guide

A grey cat with black stripes in a brown basket biting at a colorful toy being held by someone.

Kittens indeed need a lot of stuff, and some of those things are more important than others. While you understand the importance of the necessities, like kitten food, a litter box, and a bed, it may be harder to understand why teething toys can be important.

Why Do Kittens Need Teething Toys?

A cute black and white kitten on top on a desk biting at a pen that is being held by a woman who is trying to write something on a piece of yellow paper.

Kittens start to lose their deciduous, or baby teeth, around 10-12 weeks of age, about the time you’re getting them settled into your home. The teething process starts with the tiny incisor teeth upfront and finishes with the molars back by around six months of age. Every kitten’s mouth is different, so this process may take nine months in some kitties. 

During teething, the tooth buds from the adult teeth start to move through the jaw’s bone and towards the gums, forcing the baby teeth out. As those baby teeth are lost and the adult teeth start to break the gum line, a kitten’s gums can be very sore, swollen, and irritated, sometimes causing them to not want to eat. 

The act of chewing on something can help to ease that pain and massage their sore and swollen gums, helping to get those adult teeth to poke through the gums a little bit sooner. 

Teething toys can help with this teething transition by providing your kitten with either a soft or firmer surface on which to encourage the adult teeth’ eruption. Teething toys with a knobby texture can also offer pain-relieving massage that kittens are looking for. If a kitten doesn’t have any teething toys, they’re more likely to use other things as a means to relieve their discomfort, mainly your fingers, toes, or furniture.

How to Choose Teething Toys for Your Kitten

A cute grey kitten staring at a pink stuffed animal (mouse) toy.

If you’re looking to give your teething kitty a little something new to chew on, you’re more than likely going to be overwhelmed by the number of teething toys available for kittens. While the numbers are nowhere near as high as chew toys for their canine counterparts, there are still plenty of options. With this in mind, it’s important to know what to look for in a teething toy for kittens.

  1. Material: Teething toys for kittens can be made of a variety of materials. Some may be plush and soft; some may be rubber or firm plastic. Some are even made of natural silvervine or catnip plants. What’s right for your kitten will depend on their preference. Pay attention to what textures your kitten seems like better. If they are trying to chew your couch or pillows, a softer texture may be best. If they’re working on the legs of your table, a silvervine chew or firmer rubber material may be better.
  2. Safety: Of course, you’ll want to make sure any teething toy that you get for your kitten is safe for them to use (non-toxic materials and as indestructible as possible). Rubber or plastic teething toys may be chewed into chunks, swallowed, and soft, fabric toys can be ripped open the stuffing comes out and can be eaten. Choosing a higher quality toy can help to decrease these risks, but no toy is completely indestructible. You’ll always want to supervise your kitten while they’re playing with their teething toys to avoid any mishaps.
  3. Size: When choosing a teething toy for your little one, you’ll want one that they can fit in their mouth. Since 10-week old kittens are still pretty tiny, a smaller teething toy may be best for beginners, while a larger toy may be necessary once your kitten reaches the 5 to the 6-month-old mark. You also want to choose a size that isn’t too small and could be swallowed, especially as your kitten ages. You may also consider whether your kitty likes to pack their toys or kick and cuddle them and get an appropriate size.
  4. Bells and whistles: The teething toy choices don’t end here. You’ll be able to choose from many different features, including various textures on the same toy, toys that double as teething toys, kicker or chase toys, and cuddle toys. You can find all different colors, products with bells, or different shapes to satisfy your kitten’s teething desires. You may also find interactive teething toys in which you can partake in your kitten’s gum-soothing play.

Final Thoughts

Of the many supplies that a kitten requires, don’t forget to stock up on some kitten teething toys. Not only can they help entertain your kitten with seemingly boundless energy, but they can also help to decrease their discomfort when it’s time for them to get their adult teeth. As a bonus, the right teething toys may spare your fingers and toes from being nibbled and your furniture from a little destruction.

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